OUTLAW+ Professional Programmable Predator Call/Decoy Combo with Bluetooth (165 calls)

The OUTLAW+ predator call leads the way in the industry with many ground-shifting features to make your next hunt a massive success. Whether you’re coyote hunting, fox hunting, or hunting for any other predator, you’re sure to love the OUTLAW+ from ICOtec.

The OUTLAW+ Predator Call/Decoy Combo offers professional grade durability, sound quality, volume level, long range remote activation and features that make it a snap to operate during a hectic predator stand. Developed by and for professional predator hunters who demand performance and still want a practically priced product.

Included in this combo is the tremendously successful AD400 Electronic Decoy. The AD400 includes 2 separate lures that are extremely effective. The decoy also includes a speed dial for customizing the rotational speed and an LED for night hunting with a decoy. The OUTLAW+ employs an elevated front end that allows the sounds to blast out over ground cover.

If you have .mp3 sound files you may convert them to .wav and upload to the OUTLAW+ SD card, sync your remote and you are able to play them. Free online file converter: ICOtec MP3 to WAV Converter

ICOtec recommends that customers avoid using Duracell batteries in our callers as the voltage is too low. We recommend the 14.8V C4 Lithium Rechargeable Power House from ICOtec, alkaline 1.5V batteries, or Lithium 1.5V batteries. Also, we recommend against using lithium AA batteries in GCX+ remotes.

OUTLAW+ Predator Call Features:

  • Includes 165 professional sounds (Featuring 15 sounds from Tony Tebbe of Predator University)
  • Up to 100 yard Bluetooth range
  • Store up to 2,000 sounds on the included 32GB SD card
  • Sounds included are 24-bit, but also can play 16 & 32 bit sounds
  • Plays .aaf and .wav file formats
  • Get new sounds from ICOtec, JD Piatt, and more professional sound artists on the Animal Audio app (iOS/Android)
  • Improved volume & sound clarity
  • (1) Mini-USB to USB cable included for sound file downloading and (1) Male to Male Auxiliary cable included for GCX+ remote synchronization
  • Tripod mountable
  • Long battery life
  • Includes AD400 adjustable speed decoy
  • 10 AA batteries required in caller, not included (18 AA batteries required total – caller, remote, decoy)

GCX+ Remote Features:

  • 300 yard range, no line of sight needed
  • Play 2 sounds simultaneously with separate play and pause buttons
  • Sound category organization
  • Large, easy-to-read remote display
  • Day and night display options
  • Store up to 20 sounds in 2 separate favorites banks
  • Set and play a specific coax sound
  • 4 AA batteries required in remote, not included

AD400 Decoy Features:

  • Adjustable rotation speed
  • Includes 2 prey toppers
  • LED for night hunting
  • 4 AA batteries required in decoy, not included

OUTLAW+ Included Sound List

GCX+ Sound List

The following sounds were hand selected by JD Piatt to appear on the ICOtec Night Stalker+, Outlaw+, Nomad+, and Hellion+. These sound files are in the .aaf filetype, and will not work on the original Night Stalker or Outlaw, which require a .gcx file. View .gcx Sound Library.

ICO African Feeding Frenzy 
ICO Hyena 1 
ICO Hyena 2 
ICO Jackal Howling 
ICO Jackals Howling 
ICO Bear Cub 
ICO Black Bear Cub 
ICO Baby BlackBird 
ICO Baby Sparrow 
ICO Baby Woodpecker 
ICO Bird Screams 
ICO Blue Jay Cries 
ICO Blue Jay Distress 
ICO Cardinal Cries 
ICO Cardinal Distress 
ICO Chatty Wren 
ICO Flicker Distress 
ICO Hawk 
ICO Magpie Distress 
ICO Pheasant Distress 
ICO Robin Distress 1
ICO Small Bird Distress
ICO Song Thrush 
ICO Turkey Distress 
ICO Woodpecker 
ICO Air Raid Siren 
ICO Apollo Howls 
ICO Apollo Rappin
ICO Bonny & Clyde 
ICO Cage Match 
ICO Challenge Howl 1
ICO Coyote Barks 
ICO Coyote Fight
ICO Coyote Yipping
ICO Duet Howls 
ICO Elite Group 
ICO Excited Luna 
ICO Food Squabbles 
ICO Foreplay 
ICO Fussy Coyote 
ICO Git-n-Lippy 
ICO Hot to Trot 
ICO Locator Siren 
ICO Lonely Luna Howls 
ICO Luna Invite
ICO Maniac 
ICO Mega Pup 
ICO NovaCaine
ICO Pack Chatter 
ICO Pup Chatter 
ICO Pup Frenzy 1 
ICO Pup Pack Howl 
ICO Pup Squalls 
ICO Pup Talk 
ICO Pup Whining
ICO Pups Crying 
ICO Raya Fight 
ICO Scrappy Pup
ICO Valley Fight 
ICO Yodeler 
ICO Crow Chatter
ICO Crow Death Cry 
ICO Crow Gang
ICO Crow Owl 
ICO Crow Rally 
ICO Crow Screams
ICO Crow Talk
ICO Sunrise Crow 
ICO Bull Elk 
ICO Cow Elk 
ICO Elk Calf 
ICO Baby Goat 
ICO Baby Sheep 
ICO Orphan Lamb 
ICO Baby Deer 
ICO Bambi Snack 
ICO Doe Calling Fawn
ICO Fawn Chatter 
ICO Fawn Frenzy 
ICO Fawn Screams
ICO Fennec Fox Fight 
ICO Fox Birthing
ICO Fox Whistle 1
ICO Fox Whistle 2 
ICO Gray Fox Screams
ICO Red Fox Fiasco 
ICO Red Fox Fight 
ICO Red Fox Pup 
ICO Red Fox Screams 
ICO Red Fox Whistle
ICO Angry Pig
ICO Screamin Hogs 
ICO Wild Hog Distress 
ICO Wild Hog 
ICO Wild Hogs
ICO Javelina 
ICO Bull Moose Grunt 1
ICO Cow Moose Call
ICO Baby Cottontail 
ICO Bugs Bunny
ICO Cottontail Whailing
ICO Frightened Bunny 
ICO Hare 1
ICO Hare 2 
ICO Jack Rabbit Squalls 
ICO MO Cottontail 
ICO New Jack
ICO Rabbit Distress
ICO SB Rabbit 
ICO Thumper 
ICO Tiny Bunny
ICO Whaling Jack Rabbit
ICO Baby Raccoon 1 
ICO Baby Raccoon 2 
ICO Raccoon Babies 
ICO Raccoon Fight 3 
ICO Raccoons Feeding 
ICO Adult Beaver 
ICO Baby Beaver
ICO Badger 
ICO Fisher 
ICO Gray Squirrel Barks
ICO Muskrat Baby 
ICO Porcupine Distress
ICO Prairie Dog
ICO Rat Distress 1 
ICO Shrew 
ICO Skunk Baby 
ICO Wam Mouse 
TT Bitch Fight 
TT Broken Wing 
TT Coy Cottontail 
TT Desert Cottontail
TT Frantic Jack 
TT Ground n Pound 
TT Jack Knife 
TT Johnny n June 
TT Kitten Krunch 
TT Platinum Pup 
TT Squabble Wobble 
TT Teen Starter 
TT Teen Tantrum 
TT Throwback Pair 
TT Virgin Den 
ICO Box Call Yelps 
ICO Diaphragm Call Yelps 
ICO Glass Call Yelps 
ICO Slate Call Purrs-Cluck 
ICO Slate Call Yelps Cuts 
ICO Estrous Whitetail Doe 
ICO Estrous Bleets Grunts 
ICO Excited Buck Grunts 
ICO Long Buck Grunts 
ICO Rattling 
ICO Whitetail Buck Grunts
ICO Whitetail Buck Snort Wheeze
ICO Whitetail Fawn 1 
ICO Whitetail Rattling 
ICO Lone Wolf 
ICO Wolf Howls 1 
ICO Wolf Howls 2
ICO Wolf Howls 3 
ICO Wolf Howls 4 
ICO Wolf Rally 

NOTICE: If you previously purchased a Night Stalker or Outlaw from ICOtec.com, or if you have purchased elsewhere and have filed a warranty registration for your Night Stalker or Outlaw, you are eligible to receive all of the ICOtec Legacy Library (240 sounds) in the .aaf file format. Simply fill out the Legacy Library Request Form and we will reach out about delivery of the sound files.
Legacy Library Request Form

ICOtec OUTLAW+ Electronic Call With Decoy