Perceptive Gear or Perceptive Outdoor Gear is an online rifle scope store centered around the outdoors with a detailed focus on our customers. We offer everything you need for your next hunting adventure, from hunting scopes and weapon sights, to predator calls.

We deer hunt, but we love predator hunting and night time hunting. Most of the products here are products that we use when we hunt, so we are very familiar with them and how to use them. 

I started this rifle scope store because I have a passion for the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing! My goal is to provide my customers with cool designs and quality hunting scopes and weapon sight products that speak for themselves, all the while keeping us all connected to the things we love most. (The Outdoors)

I am an avid hunter and fisherman, and I love taking my family on hunting and fishing adventures. Some of the best memories that I have as a child are going hunting and fishing. I only hope that I can create those same feelings and memories for my boys as they grow up.  

Thanks for visiting Perceptive Gear, your rifle scope store, and thank you for your business!

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Tony Abreu