AGM SECUTOR LRF 75-640 Thermal Scope With Integrated Rangefinder

Introducing the AGM Secutor LRF 75-640 Thermal Weapon Sight, a pinnacle of precision and innovation in thermal imaging technology. Designed for the discerning shooter, this advanced thermal weapon sight integrates a high-resolution 640x512 thermal sensor, providing unparalleled clarity and target detection in the most challenging conditions. The built-in Laser Range Finder (LRF) ensures accurate distance measurements, enabling precise shot placement. Whether you are a professional in law enforcement, a dedicated hunter, or a tactical enthusiast, the AGM Secutor LRF 75-640 offers the reliability and performance needed for success in the field. Discover the ultimate in thermal imaging excellence with AGM Global Vision.


Detector type: 12μm VOx Uncooled Focal Plane Array

Refresh rate: 50 Hz

Resolution: 640 x 512

Base Magnification:  4× – 32×

FOV: 5.9° × 4.7°


Product shown herein is subject to US export regulations and may require a license prior to export. Any diversion contrary to US Government regulations is prohibited.


The NEW Secutor LRF’s were built to expand and diversify the line of rangefinder equipped thermal riflescopes in the AGM assortment. Though the Secutor LRF series will utilize the same upgraded thermal sensors that can be found across the majority of AGM’s new products, the three primary differences include an upgraded 1000m laser rangefinder, a digital compass and utilization of a CR123A based
power system. These differences, while primarily aimed at more noncommercial tactical applications, still offer both extended ranging and battery familiarity to commercial predator hunters as well. The extended range of the LRF, when paired with the non-proprietary CR123A power system, helps make the Secutor LRF’s a great option for different law enforcement and defense applications. Meanwhile, the integrated compass gives shooters an added layer of situational and positional awareness. The newly introduced sub-20 milikelvin thermal sensors will aid users in these tactical scenarios by increasing their ranging capabilities, as well as increase their ability to both detect and identify targets at longer distances. With both 50 and 75mm options, the Secutor LRF’s provide more authenticity than ever to the phrase: long range.



    • 12μm thermal detector
    • High thermal sensitivity, NETD < 20mK
    • Fast 50Hz imaging
    • Built-in laser rangefinder
    • Adjustable color palettes
    • High resolution OLED display
    • Various reticle types and colors
    • 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x digital zoom
    • On-board video/audio recording and image capture
    • Built-in EMMC storage (16 GB)
    • Wi-Fi data transmission
    • Standby mode
    • More than 6 hours battery life
    • External power supply compatibility
    • Waterproof & shockproof
    • 5-year warranty


    Digital Zoom
    1×, 2×, 4×, 8×
    Exit Pupil Diameter
    6 mm
    Eye Relief
    45 mm
    261 × 111 × 79 mm (10.3 × 4.4 × 3.1 in) (w/o mount)
    Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Fusion
    10 types, 4 colors, on/off
    Boresight Adjustment
    Digital Controlled
    Picture In Picture Mode (PIP)
    Video Recording
    Audio Recording
    4× – 32×
    Detector type
    12μm VOx Uncooled Focal Plane Array
    Response Waveband
    8 μm to 14 μm
    FFC (Flat Field Correction)
    Auto, Manual, External Correction
    Highest Temperature Spot Tracking
    Standby Mode
    Refresh rate
    50 Hz
    640 × 512
    Laser Rangefinder
    Up to 1000 m, ±4 m accuracy
    Laser Wavelength
    905 nm
    Detection Range (6' object)
    3.800 m
    Lens system
    75 mm; F1.2
    Less than 20 mK (@25°C), F#=1.0
    Field of view (H × X)
    5.9° × 4.7°
    Diopter adjustment range
    -5 to +3 dpt
    1024x768, 0.39 inch, OLED
    16 GB EMMC
    Capture Snapshot
    Battery Type
    Four CR123A Lithium batteries
    Battery Operating Time
    Мore than 6 hours
    External power supply
    5 VDC/2 A, USB Type-C
    Operating Temperature Range
    -30°C to 55°C (-22°F to 131°F)
    0.7 kg (1.55 lb)
    Protection Level
AGM Secutor LRF 75-640 Thermal Sight