External 10000 mAh Battery Pack with Picatinny Rail Clamp for Night Vision and Thermal Optics With Magnetic Cable Combo.

This external battery pack is small, lightweight, and will power most Night Vision and Thermal Optics for over 10 hours.   It will clamp onto any picatinny rail with the attached quick disconnect clamp. 

Also included in this combo is a 19 inch magnetic charging cable to connect the battery to the optic.  The cable has a straight USB plug on one end and the other end has a 90 degree swivel plug with a magnetic end that attaches to a magnetic USB C plug or USB Micro plug (Both are included). 

This battery can also be used to charge rechargeable batteries as most rechargeable battery chargers will plug right in to this unit or to charge cell phones.

(1Year Warranty)

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Night Vision and Thermal External Picatinny Battery Pack